Locate Child Life Services

About local child life

Child life specialists are trained emotional first responders, providing critical psychosocial support for children and families coping with the stressful and potentially traumatic experiences of hospitalization. They use evidence-based methods and age-appropriate techniques to ease anxieties and bring normalcy to pediatric patients. As one of our supporters received quipped, “the importance of emotional safety in pediatric healthcare is the difference between going into a storm with nothing on and going into a storm fully equipped with your rain boots and your raincoat and your umbrella.”

Child life specialists are available for free to families in hospitals across the country. Search our map below to find a child life program near you.

How to support child life services near you

  • Donate
    Many child life programs rely on community donations and support to create an emotionally safe healthcare environment for children and families. Here are some suggestions of where to start if you want to support child life services at your local hospital.
  • Volunteer
    Child life programs rely heavily on volunteers to transform the hospital from a stressful place into an emotionally safe and child-friendly environment. Learn more about volunteering with your local child life program.
  • Sign letter of support
    Show administrators at your local hospital that child life is vitally important to you, your family, and your community by signing our Letter of Support.