Every child deserves emotionally safe care

The Emotional Safety Initiative promotes resiliency, healing, and trust for pediatric patients and their families during all medical experiences. For too long, hospitals and medical institutions have prioritized physical health over mental or emotional needs, leading to potentially traumatic long-term effects. By incorporating evidence-based methods, open and age-appropriate communication with patients and families, comforting environments, and individualized intervention plans into all areas of pediatric care, we can minimize stress and foster a healthier lifelong relationship to the medical setting.

While emotional safety is the responsibility of everyone in a hospital—from the front desk staff to janitorial teams to doctors and nurses—this work is headquartered in the child life office. Their training in providing psychosocial support for children and families makes child life specialists uniquely qualified to drive these initiatives.

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Nothing can prepare you for the moment you hear your child has a life-threatening illness. But receiving emotionally safe care from a child life specialist and other pediatric teams can make all the difference for you and your child. Hear how the power of emotional safety can resonate throughout the hospital experience and beyond.